Quality Standard

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Ed. 3.0
Date of implementation:

Quality standard, environment, food safety and medicines distribution.

PRIMAFRIO GROUP seeks to provide services that meet the needs of our customers, meeting the specified requirements, striving to meet the expectations they have on the services we provide, optimizing resources, and through competence, motivation and training of staff.
Full Employee Integration.


PRIMAFRIO GROUP intends that its employees carry out their work totally involved in the activities developed and in the achievement of the proposed objectives. The management will initiate and promote activities that reinforce the sense of cohesion between the staff of the PRIMAFRIO GROUP.


 Client Orientation

The entire staff of PRIMAFRIO GROUP is aware that the wishes and expectations of the client are the focus of all its initiatives and activities.


Quality of work

Through the fast detection of defects and the taking of the necessary measures to alleviate their consequences and avoid their repetition, and the establishment of actions and programs aimed at the prevention of non-conformities.


Commitment to the fulfillment of the requirements and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

PRIMAFRIO GROUP undertakes to meet the customer’s requirements, both those specified and those not established but necessary for their use or application, provided that the organization is aware of them, as well as the legal and regulatory applicable to the service and those subscribed by the organization. PRIMAFRIO GROUP is committed to continuously improve the effectiveness of the integrated system of systems management and to this end will carry out successive reviews of it.

In addition, the Organization is aware of the environmental impacts associated with its activity and is committed to protecting the environment, working in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development and Pollution Prevention, complying with applicable environmental regulations, responding adequately to the demands of its customers and thus contributing to the development of society and the preservation of natural resources for the enjoyment of future generations.

Primafrio also guarantees compliance with the food safety regulations that apply to it, as well as the rules related to good practices in the distribution of medicines.

The organization guarantees the safety of products, people and facilities by implementing the necessary procedures and actions.

This commitment is made explicit in the following principles:

PRIMAFRIO GROUP relies on its Organization, to which it transmits this policy and general lines of action, seeking the commitment of all employees to the quality of service offered to its customers and the importance of respecting the environment and food safety regulations and good practices in the distribution of medicines.

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