The international road transport company Primafrio has participated in the Temperatuz Pharma Logistics Symposium, a congress specializing in pharmaceutical transport that took place in Rome on June 21 and 22.

The topics discussed in the International Symposium have focused mainly on how to overcome the main challenges associated with cold logistics or refrigerated transport, in the pharmaceutical transport supply chain in Europe.

In this regard, Marina Förch, commercial director of Primafrio opened the first conference with her speech titled “Key Factors in shaping the future of European pharmaceutical road transportation. A case for technology and new trends”.

In her speech, Marina has deepened in experiences and findings on technological aspects as well as trends in the transport industry. Looking at the pharmaceutical transport market, the requirements are more complex than transporting consumer goods or industrial freights. On time delivery, transparency and accessibility as well as temperature control are the key words and possibly the most important aspects.

In the same way, the commercial director of the company specializing in international transportation indicated that “analyzing our business and strategic focus areas we have identified the following 4 key trends”:

  1. The growing importance of sustainability, and its technological trends within this sector
  2. Advancements and full control over cooling units
  3. Security of the product throughout the transport and technological advancements to ensure it
  4. And lastly digitalisation and going paper less on the example of the electronic CMR

To conclude, Marina pointed out that the transport and logistic industry has become a fast-moving industry with many new trends and innovation for the future. “We believe there are exciting times and many new challenges ahead, and Primafrio is 100% involved in technological advancements in the transport industry”.

Primafrio has recently obtained the certification of “Correct practices for the distribution of medicines for human use for the transport of pharmaceutical products and medicines by road“, granted by SGS, the world leader in inspection, verification, analysis and certification.

This certificate, the most prestigious international standard for the transportation of pharmaceutical products, guarantees that the company’s quality system complies with the requirements of the sector in key aspects such as the training of the people responsible for the distribution and correct transportation of medicines, security, traceability, document system, risk analysis, etc. according to current legislation.