Our commitment to innovation

At Grupo Primafrio, we have organised our strategic and growth plan focusing on innovation and sustainability as key elements of all our activity.

In order to respond to the demands of our company and the environment, we use the most advanced techniques to obtain the necessary degree of disruption to face any task or challenge. An example of this is intelligent processing with Machine Learning algorithm, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence or Cybersecurity, techniques that allow us to have better optimisation of the processes and resources used, which translates into a constant improvement of our ratio of emissions per km travelled or kW used in our sites, therefore opting for circular economy principles to achieve self-sufficiency and energy independence.

Our own R+D+i department, CSR and efficient driving, has designed a strategy for sustainability and innovation through the continuous development of four key pillars: Smart Truck – inclusion of new technological developments of high-efficiency energy and automatisation of transport logistics systems, Smart Building – integration of digitalisation and self-sufficient energy processes in logistics centres -, Smart IT – technological infrastructure in which all the processes at a general level fulfil the most advanced technological standards globally, and Smart Training – to improve the drivers’ efficiency and road safety.

This has allowed us to place ourselves as a company with a technological basis, and increase our relationship with numerous research centres (Fundación Cotec, Fundación Isaac Peral and EMURI), universities (UMU, UPCT and UCAM) and technological businesses around the world to create and transfer knowledge.

Our commitment to the research of new business models that allow a clean and more efficient transport, are key for environmental sustainability as a response to the fight against climate change. Therefore, we have set net zero emissions as a goal for 2050.

We currently collaborate in various international projects with first level partners who are supported by official entities. You may see these here.

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