One of Grupo Primafrio’s commitments is to ensure our company is sustainable and complies with the highest standards of environmental care and protection.

That is why we support the implementation and development of actions such as:

  • to comply with the ISO 14001 Certification, an international standard for environmental management systems
  • to raise awareness on environmental issues among our employees through training and environmental policies
  • to carry out an environmental audit in order to determine potential areas of improvement
  • to calculate our environmental footprint in order to determine the impact of our activities
  • to use cutting-edge technology to reduce atmospheric emissions and fuel consumption by our vehicles such as Euro VI engines
  • to incorporate transport alternatives such as gas (LNG)-fuelled lorries in order to reduce pollutant emissions
  • to collaborate with our partners to reduce CO2 emissions through partnerships like the one we established with tyre manufacturer Michelin


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