Mission, vision and values

We are the leading operator in controlled-temperature logistics in Europe. We are specialists in the export and groupage of fresh produce from the productions areas, in Spain and Portugal, to the main influence points of Europe. Additionally, we offer transport solutions for pharmaceutical products, ADR, and high-value products, such as technological equipment, telecommunications, industry or cosmetics.

Our Mission, Vision and Values are summed up as follows:


Achieve efficient solutions for logistical needs and transport by road, offering our clients a service that is complete and personalised, high quality and respectful of the environment. We provide our employees with the possibility of developing themselves in the professional and personal realms.


Being a leading company that is constantly growing in the logistics and transport by road service, offering quality services that make a difference through continuous improvement and evolution. Contribute to social development and progress, with a highly qualified and motivated human team and by being environmentally sustainable.

Our Values:

Commitment to our workers. They are the main asset of Grupo Primafrio and the aim is that all of them have equal opportunities in a healthy and motivating working climate.

Commitment to our clients. By means of transparent, honest and lasting relationships, they are provided with a quality service, where confidence in all the processes and their satisfaction are our priority.

Commitment to continuous improvement. Giving priority to innovation, research and development of activities that favour our competitiveness.

Commitment to the environment. Suggesting and applying effective activities and plans that go beyond complying with the applicable legal requirements.

Commitment to society. Performing activities whose purpose is to improve the social cohesion and cultural growth in those places in which Grupo Primafrio has its facilities.

Commitment to transparency and integrity. At Grupo Primafrio, we are fully committed to the principle of transparency which is the support of our daily transport and logistics activities.

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